And another happy member says – “I took my car to get an oil change. The dealership gave me a call and said they crashed my car.  Are you kidding me??  They said they would fix my car but it would take 5 days and wouldn’t charge me for the oil change.  The car was being used for shared rides to make more money!  Here’s where the story gets good… I mentioned to the salesman that I use my car to earn income, so I asked what about the money I’m losing since my car couldn’t be driven for however many days.  He said he was sorry but that had nothing to do with their shop.  What?!  I went from the sales guy to his manager, to his supervisor, and all of them said the same thing.  Sorry. It’s not our problem nor our policy so we’re not paying you any money. This is crazy. I called my provider law firm and they wrote a letter to the dealership’s corporate office and guess who called me back with an apology?  Two weeks later I received a check for $1,000 for lost wages when I picked up my repaired car, and they threw in the oil change at no cost.”

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