Why Would I Personally Need an Attorney?


Have You Ever?

  1. Needed your will prepared or updated?
  2. Been overcharged for a repair or paid an unfair bill?
  3. Had trouble with a warranty or defective product?
  4. Signed a contract?
  5. Received a moving violation?
  6. Had concerns about child support?
  7. Been pursued by a collection agency?
  8. Your child needs special education in a public school?
  9. Your spouse uses physical force against you?
  10. You need a premarital agreement?

We All Have Legal Issues!

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, an attorney would have been a great idea to help you make better decisions.  We typically, think though that attorneys are just for rich people and criminals because they are just too expensive for most of us. 

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